Veronte TGS

  • Highly portable control station
  • Rugged tablet
  • Veronte Autopilot inside
  • Small and lightweight control station
  • Harsh environments use
LOS + BLOS Radio
  • Description

    The Veronte TCS is a highly portable tablet control station compatible with Veronte systems. The provided rugged cover embeds Veronte electronics together with datalink radio module for remotely control of any Veronte device.

    The Veronte TCS has been designed for high mobility applications, embedding all control electronics on a military grade tablet. Veronte electronics are installed on a removable silicon cover, permitting to easily install it on a Getac F110 tablet to operate the system.

    The 11.6 widescreen HD display control station is ready for outdoors use in high and low luminosity conditions. 

    The hot switch dual battery on the tablet permits to use the system for long operations.


  • Specifications

    Size 320 x 230 x66 mm
    Weight (w/o tablet) 800 gr
    Compatibility Getac F110 (other on request)
    Control electronics Ready for Veronte Autopilot
    GPS Internal GPS antenna
    Radio Communications SMA connector for external antenna
    I/O Connector Configurable I/O from Veronte


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