Veronte SIL Simulink

Veronte SIL is a Software In Loop simulator for Veronte Autopilot powered systems, including an S-Function with autopilot embedded code to perform custom Simulink simulations.

Veronte SIL tool has been conceived for users working on custom developments willing to obtainaccurate simulations to be used for system development.

Inputs & Outputs

Input and output variables on the system are configurable, permitting custom simulate onboard sensors (GPS, pressure, magnetometer, gyroscopes), obtaining Veronte output values.

Custom aircraft and environment models can be used with Veronte S-Function, using Veronte output values for actuators for full software in the loop simulations. Compatible with any unmanned system model (fixed wing, helicopter, multirotor, boat, parafoil,etc.), and custom environment conditions (wind, altitude,etc.).


Veronte SIL simulator is available for Windows and Linux, both including full Veronte Autopilot performance.


Hardware In Loop simulators are also available for advanced simulation and training. Veronte HIL simulator runs Veronte Autopilot code on real Veronte Autopilot hardware with the X-Plane simulator for aircraft performance and weather simulation.


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