Veronte Pipe Software

  • Cross-platform software (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
  • Intuitive, easy to use and dependable
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Configure the system Veronte
  • Create and edit missions
  • Monitor flight information
  • Action package: automatic configuration actions
  • Compatible with all Veronte systems
  • Description

    Veronte Pipe is a software designed for operating any Veronte powered system. 
    Users achieve a combination of easy-to-use application, real-time response and, firstly, safe operations. 

    Supported operations include:

    • Telemetry: View real time onboard UAV metrics, such as sensors, actuators and control states.
    • Telecommand: Support for all synchronous operator control commands that can be sent to the flight segment such as: operational mode switch, mission management, payload control and so on.
    • Mission design: Configure missions with waypoint definition, payload target definition and coverage analysis.
    • Mission analysis: Rebuild all recorded data from a previous flight and generate plots and reports.
    • Configuration: Edit RPAS settings, such as servo trim, interface/port management and so on.
    • Multiple Users: One or more operators can work simultaneously.

    Veronte powered systems have two main elements, air and ground segments:

    • Veronte Air includes any necessary element to communicate with ground segment, take flight measures, control the aircraft and control the payload.
    • Veronte Ground redirects stick and PC data to the air segment, and manages bidirectional communications between Veronte Pipe and Veronte Air.



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