Veronte BEC

  • High performance DC-DC regulator
  • Designed for critical systems
  • Aerospace components
  • High quality manufacturing
  • 5 to 12 V selectable output
  • Description

    High reliability voltage regulator specially designed for critical systems. Developed using qualified components for the aerospace industry and designed according to the highest industry standards, this system can operate continuously under the most demanding conditions.

    This high performance  Step down (Buck) DC-DC regulator, features a wide input range, designed for voltages between 7 and 36 V and with configurable output voltage selection between 5 and 12V (fixed voltage selectable at the time of purchase) .

    Available in two versions, OEM and aluminum housing (for mechanical and electromagnetic emission protection). Most common applications of these regulators are:

    • Unmanned aircraft (UAVs, RPASs) 
    • Ground vehicles (UGVs) 
    • Surface vehicles (USVs) 
    • Robotics


  • Specifications

    Size with enclosure 83 x 42 x 32,3 mm
    Size w/o enclosure 43 x 38 x 16 mm
    Weight with enclosure 15 g
    Weight w/o enclosure 105 g
    Input voltage 7 - 36 V
    Output voltage 5 to 12 (Ask for custom Voltages)
    Output current 5 A
    Peak output current 6 A
    Efficiency 90 %
    Min. storage temperature - 55º C
    Max. storage temperature 150º C
    Min. temperature - 55º C
    Max. temperature 85º C
    Max. temperature w/o enclosure 50º C


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