Veronte Autopilot Kit

  • Advanced Autopilot.
  • HIL Simulation kit.
  • Wiring & Antennas.
  • Advanced support.
  • Integration and testing.
LOS + BLOS Radio
Upgrade 2xGPS Antena Advanced
Upgrade Aluminium Enclosure
  • Description

    The Veronte Autopilot Integration kit is the perfect solution for professionals wishing to perform their first Veronte Autopilot integration within their vehicle. It includes fully operational Veronte Autopilot, compatible with: UAVs, Drones, RPAS, UGV, USV, Hybrid, etc.


    This kit is the best choice for professionals seeking for an advanced autopilot integration kit and proper development tools for performing the integration of Veronte Autopilot within their UAV or unmanned vehicle.

    Veronte Autopilot Advanced includes control features for professionals requiring from a reliable and versatile autopilot solution. This, together with the HIL simulator provides the perfect environment for autopilot integration and system development.

    The kit includes a Veronte Autopilot for E-VLOS operations. It permits to perform fully automatic operations, at the time it is possible to take manual or assisted manual control at any time during the flight or surface operation.

    Main advanced furnctionalities available in Veronte Autopilot are as follows:

    • Unlimited waypoints & paths
    • Curve based navigation
    • Cloud connectivity
    • Follow me
    • Relative missions
    • Auto, manual, arcade
    • Automations module
    • One-click missions
    • Adaptive control
    • Inflight PID tuning
    • GNSS-based attitude
    • Custom calculations
    • Altimeter fusion
    • External sensors
    • RTK & RTCM
    • Custom flight phases
    • Gimbal auto-tracking
    • Fly-by-camera
    • Sense & avoid
    • Transponder support
    • Situational awareness
    • IP67 & EMI protection
    • DO178, DO 254 & DO160
    • Support for certification
    • Onboard black box
    • Control station log
    • On demand telemetry
    • Event activated log
    • Data encryption
    • Dissimilar FTS
    • Dual DSP
    • Custom user interface

    Click below for full information on the Veronte autopilot.




    HIL Simulator

    A HIL Simulator license and wiring is included within the kit.  When used with the X Plane, it permits to perform real operations and testing in a virtual environment.

    Once connected, the X Plane simulator sends simulated sensor data to the autopilot (position, altitude, pressure). The Veronte Autopilot takes this data as if it was in actual flight. Meanwhile, the autopilot sends actuator commands to the X Plane for controlling the aircraft in the virtual environment.

    This is a powerful tool for both integration and training. During the simulation, the operation is controlled using Veronte Pipe software, exactly in the same way it is done in a real operation.

    Veronte HIL Simulator uses real autopilot installed in the aircraft for performing the simulation. With provided wiring it is even possible to view control surface movement in the real aircraft during the simulation.

    The Plane Maker permits to create custom aircrafts in the virtual environment, permitting to simulate new UAV & Drone designs and modifications in a close-to-reality approach. 

    Further information on Veronte HIL capabilities available below.




    Kit Content

    • 2x Veronte Autopilot Hardware
    • 1x Lifetime E-VLOS license
    • 1x Autopilot Protection
    • 2x LOS + BLOS radios
    • 1x HIL simulator
    • 2x RF Antennas
    • 2x GPS Antennas
    • 4x Antenna extension 25cm
    • 1x PWM connector board for OEM
    • 1x Autopilot mating connector for CS
    • 1x Power Source
    • 100 Km or min B-VLOS operation
    • 10h Extended real time support
    • Veronte Pipe.

    Kit available with 900 MHz or 2.4GHz + LOS embedded datalink.


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