Veronte Autopilot

  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Sense & Avoid / UTM support
  • RTK Positioning
  • EMI & Vibration Isolation
  • Custom Automations & Flight Phases
LOS + BLOS Radio
Aluminum Protection Exterior
Mounting Kit
  • Description

    The Veronte Autopilot is a miniaturized, high reliability, avionics system for advanced control of unmanned systems. This control system embeds a state-of-the-art suite of sensors and processors together with LOS and BLOS M2M datalink radios, all with reduced size and weight.



    The unique Plug ´n Fly control system allows fully autonomous control capabilities to any unmanned system for complete operation, compatible with: UAV, Drone, RPAS, USV, UGV.

    • Highly configurable: Veronte control system is fully configurable; payload, platform layout, control phases, control channels… even the user interface layout can be user defined.
    • Custom routines:User selectable automatic actions, activated on system event or periodically.
      • Actions: phase change, activate payload, move servo, go to, onboard log, parachute release.
      • Events: waypoint arrival, inside/outside polygon, alarm, variable range, buttons.
    • Telemetry & log: Embedded datalink for system monitoring and telecommand and customizable user log in both onboard and control station, all with user defined variables and frequency record.
    • External sensor: Support for external sensor connection: magnetometer, radar, LIDAR, RPM, temperature, fuel level, battery level, weather.
    • Payload & Peripheral: Transponder, secondary radios, satcom transceivers, camera gimbals, motor drivers, photo cameras, flares, parachute release systems, tracking antennas, pass through RS232 & CAN tunnels.


     Custom flight phases and control channels provide support for any aircraft layout and performance by using the same software and hardware for: UAS, RPAS, Drone, USV / ASV, UGV.



    Fixed Wing



    Hybrid VTOL





    Ground Vehicle (UGV)


    Surface Vehicle (USV)

    Optionally Piloted(OPV)




    It provides fully autonomous aircraft control from take-off to landing, compatible with any platform configuration: VTOL, flaperons, elevons, custom tail (V, X, T, H), control w/o ailerons, hybrid…

    Standard flight phase database including: take-off (catapult, hand launch, runway, airdrop), climbing, loiter, waypoint route, hover, hold, descending, landing (runway, net, deep-stall, flare, moving platforms, linear landing), flare, and user customizable phases.


    Veronte Cloud

    With the embedded M2M module for 4G communications, the drone is connected to Veronte Cloud servers. It allows online control of unmanned vehicles, making possible to operate UAVs from the internet and, in consequence, to perform Beyond Line of Sight (BLoS) operations.

    This feature also enables online UAV telemetry synchronization and remote monitoring.


    Advanced performance

    • One Click Missions: Through a user-friendly interface, it allows operators to program missions (such as mapping, surveillance, delivery) and execute them doing a single click.
    • Sense & Avoid: Radar, LIDAR or transponder based, permits to perform collaborative and uncollaborative sense and avoid on autonomous missions.
    • Adaptive control: PID auto-tuning during operation, for platforms with variable plant during the mission such as: fumigation aircrafts, cargo delivery, and tethered drone.
    • Control modes: Fully automatic, fully manual, assisted manual and combined control modes. Selectable at any time during the flight.
    • Gimbal / Tracker stabilization and pointing: Target pointing, fixed attitude from platform, fixed attitude from ground and follow control modes.
    • Simultaneous operation: Up to 64 units control & multiple control stations with control or monitoring permissions.
    • Communications: Satellite and 4G communications for BLOS operations and custom radio modules.
    • Wind: Inflight wind estimation for aircraft control correction.
    • RTK : Positioning: precise positioning up to cm level is possible with the embedded GNSS module, no extra hardware needed.
    • Dual GNSS: Veronte Autopilot embeds dual GNSS for GPS positioning, and ennaving GNSS attitude estimation (no magnetometer needed).
    • Redundant IMU: Embedded redundant IMU & barometer for increased reliability and performance.
    • Environmental Protection: Aluminium enclosure available for adding water protection up to IP67 level and EMI / EMC shielding.


    Industries & applications



    Agriculture & Crop management

    Mapping & Topography

    Mining, Oil & Gas 



    Veronte Autopilot is also available including triple module redundancy configurations for fail operational systems. Powered with a dissimilar arbiter processor provides redundancy in sensors, processing and datalink. Permitting also the connection of a 4th dissimilar autopilot.

    Custom failsafe (go home, onsite landing, loiter, parachute release) on custom activation events, such as: low battery, datalink quality, out of safe are and FTS (Flight Termination System) output for safety mechanism activation on a control system failure.


    The Veronte Pipe software permits to control any Veronte based platform using the same interface, from a PC / Tablet running Windows, Linux or MAC. The configurable layout permits to load custom background maps(Google, Bing, Yahoo… or user images), and telemetry displays can be placed as desired on the screen.


    Main Features

    • Unlimited waypoints & paths
    • Curve based navigation
    • Cloud connectivity
    • Follow me
    • Relative missions
    • Auto, manual, arcade
    • Automations module
    • One-click missions
    • Adaptive control
    • Inflight PID tuning
    • GNSS-based attitude
    • Custom calculations
    • Altimeter fusion
    • External sensors
    • RTK & RTCM
    • Custom flight phases
    • Gimbal auto-tracking
    • Fly-by-camera
    • Sense & avoid
    • Transponder support
    • Situational awareness
    • IP67 & EMI protection
    • DO178, DO 254 & DO160
    • Support for certification
    • Onboard black box
    • Control station log
    • On demand telemetry
    • Event activated log
    • Data encryption
    • Dissimilar FTS
    • Dual DSP
    • Custom user interface

    Please ask our team for further detail on Veronte Autopilot capabilities and custom integration within your platform. For first integrations, please check our Veronte Autopilot Kit for self programming or contact our team to program the autopilot for you with your requirements. 

  • Specifications

    Enclosure Anodized Aluminium
    Weight (including radio module) 190g / 90g (no enclosure)
    Size 65 x 38 x 65 mm / 53 x 35 x 55 mm (no enclosure)
    Protection Rating IP67
    Mounting M4 screws
    Temperature range (no convection) -40 to 65 ºC
    Pressure port diameter 2.4 mm
    RF connectors ( radio / GPS / 4G) SSMA jack female
    Vibration isolation Embedded
    Compatible Platforms
    Platform type Aircrafts: Fixed wing, VTOL, aerial targets, hybrid systems, multicopters, parafoil, paraglider, surface vehicles...Other: Surface vehicles (USV), ground vehicles (UGV), robot, custom platforms
    Control surfaces Aileron, flap, elevator, rudder, gas, v-tail, x-tail, elevon, flaperon, ruddervator, cyclic, collective, throttle, custom servo mixing...
    Engine Electric & combustion, multiple engine support
    Static pressure 15-115kPa
    Dynamic Pressure 4kPa (156kt 290km/h sea level) /
    10kPa (247kt 459km/h sea level) /
    50kPa (550kt 1028 km/h sea level)
    Accelerometers (3 axes) ±16 G on maintained maneouvre (all axes redundancy)
    Rate-gyroscopes (3 axes) ±300 deg/s
    Magnetometers (3 axes) ±6 Gauss (compensated)
    Optional external magnetometer fusion
    GPS Dual GNSS, 10Hz receiver, 72 channels, 
    Voltage Input voltage sensor
    Temperature Internal temperature sensor
    I / O (On base hardware - Expansion boards available)
    Vin 2 x (6.5 - 36 V) DC
    Power 8 - 18 W
    PWM / GPIO Up to 16
    RS232 1
    RS485 1
    DIGIN Up to 6
    VOut 5 & 3.3 V
    FTS Deadman outputs
    CAN Bus 2
    ADC 5
    EQEP 1
    I2C 1
    UART 1
    USB 1
    Data Link
    900 MHz 902-928MHz / 115kbit/s / 90 Km LOS
    2.4 GHz 2400-2483 MHz / 115kbit/s / 30 Km LOS
    Other External radio module via RS232, satcom, 4G, 400 MHz
    User access level Unlimited user creation with selectable functionalities
    Selectable units Selectable units or custom unit creation
    Workspace Drag and drop telemetry displays (LCD, text, gauge, LED…) with configurable colors and sizes
    Map view Selectable form main map sources (google maps, mac, open maps...) or customizable using JPG/PNG images
    Control Configurable phases and control channels.
    Cascade PID control or adaptive control.
    Advanced maneuvres Veronte Pursuit: follow another Veronte equipped aircraf
    Skimming: perform an aggressive maneuver at a low AGL
    Multiple platforms Simultaneous platform control from the same control station
    Multiple control stations Multiple control stations available for controlling or monitoring
    Route Intuitive user interface for waypoint and route creation
    Inflight mission edit.
    Mapping tools Automatic mapping route generation by selecting the target surface and camera parameters.
    Payload Camera gimbal, tracking antenna, transponder, camera shooter...
    Flight modes Fully autonomus flight, assited control and manual control
    Safety pitot Safety pilot can take manual aircraft control at any time during the operation.
    Joystick can be connected by wire to the control station or using an onboard receiver.
    Fail safe modes Configure custom automatic actions to take place on event detection
    Actions: go home, parachute deployment, glide...
    Events: flight time, distance, data link lose, GPS lose, waypoint reach, sensor value...
    Warnings Customizable visual and sound warnings
    Qualification DO-178B / ED-12, DO-254, and DO-160G evidences for airworthiness certification
    FTS Dissimilar microprocessors and regulation stages. Configurable output for safety protocol activation on Veronte failure or manual activation
    Redundancy Dual and triple module redundant configurations
    Fault Tolerant Fail safe, fail operational for redundant configurations
    Export No export restrictions, ITAR free


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