TS150 Tether Station

  • Unlimited flight duration.
  • Up to 150 m high.
  • Embedded backup power supply.
  • Autonomous cable winder.
  • 12V DC or 110-230V AC.
  • Description

    Tether Station for Multirotors

    The NM& Tether Station sends power to multirotors directly form an on-ground power source, providing unlimited flight time. Tether Station uses an ultralight cable to connect the drone to the base station on the ground so the multirotor has access to a continuous power source during the operation. It is compatible with most multirotor systems, especially with NM& drones.


    Up To 150m High
    Thanks to the ultra-thin cable included, it is possible to fly tethered multirotor systems up to 150m (500ft) high.


    Unlimited Flight Time
    Tether cable provides continuous power to the drone so it can stay in the air permanently with no endurance limitations.


    Custom Power Source
    Powered from Vehicle power source (12V DC) or the electrical gird (230V AC), for installation on permanent stations.


    Self Cable Winder
    Autonomous system controlled by Veronte Autopilot controls cable release and collection avoiding tangles and cable breaks.


    Secure Communications
    Cable data transmission enables safe data communications avoiding jamming attacks and data piracy.


    Video & Data Transmission
    High bandwidth Ethernet connection for video and data transmission trough cable, enabling a two way communications channel.


    Wifi Connection
    Embedded WIFI module provides system status information and permits to monitor and control the drone from any PC or Tablet.


    The Tether Station for multirotor drones includes Veronte Autopilot technology providing advanced system control. Apart from tether release system control, embedded Veronte autopilot monitors embedded sensors (current, temperature, power input…) predicting and detecting system failures and commanding safety procedure activation.

    By combining it with a Veronte Autopilot powered drone, it is possible to install it in moving platforms, such as a moving car. The Tether Station shares its position with the drone. This way, the drone will move with the  station. This functionality enables tether installation on moving platforms: cars, boat, etc. 

    Being a leash system, it is more secure than unteathered drones. 

    Veronte Autopilot technology with sensors on the tether station provides advanced system safety. During the operation, the system is continuously self-checking system status. Once a failure or a deviation is detected, it automatically displays an alert to the operator and performs a fail-safe procedure.

    It is possible to customize fail-safe routines based on data from the onboard Veronte Autopilot unit or from ground sensors. 

    Custom Payloads

    Payloads such as cameras, can be powered from the ground power system by using same tether cable used for drone power.


    EO / thermal camera installation makes possible to use it for surveillance purposes with real time video broadcast.


    Datalink Broadcaster
    Datalink repeaters can be installed to use the system as a broadcasting station for long range communications.


    By installing lights in the multirotor it is possible to raise lights high in the air to illuminate an area.


    Advanced Monitoring Station
    Installed on a vehicle, it is possible to raise a camera to increase the range of view in military operations.


    Convoy Sky-Eye
    Installing a sky eye system on military convoys permits early risk detection and ambush avoidance.


    Anti-Drone System
    Used with drone detectors or jamming systems, makes it possible to detect and bring down drones trying to fly in restricted areas.


    Traffic Monitoring
    Thanks to the installation of cameras or radar systems, it is possible to have a high observation spot for traffic control.

  • Specifications

    Base Station
    Size 632x632x364 mm.
    Weight <60 Kg.
    Cable Size 150 m.
    Cable Weight 1,65 Kg. for 150 m.
    Power Input DC 12 V.
    Power Input AC 230 V.
    Power Output 2200 W.
    Peak Power Output 4000 W.
    Onboard electronic (each rotor)
    Size 40x40x125 mm.
    Weight 160 g. => 0.5 g/W
    Power Output Voltage non-dischargable 6S - 24 V. ±5%.
    Power Output 300 W.
    Peak Power Output 360 W.


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