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Project Vanguard

Project Vanguard is currently in prototyping stage. It will soon be a mission ready drone. 

The main feature of the drone is the cargo bay system. This is a large area to store objects for drone deliveries. This allows allow response teams to store objects that are 20lbs in weight and 1x1x1ft in volume. The cargo bay system is waterproof and contains a cargo net to hold the objects in place during flight. The drone can deliver objects like the following: medicine, food, water, AED, life jackets, tools, first aid kits, and blood and organs (with a refrigerated container). Project Vanguard also includes: thermal and HD cameras, cargo net, microphone, speaker, water proof design, water-landing capabilities, and carbon fiber parts.


  • Long distance missions 

  • Assistance on water or land

  • High payload & volume capacity

  • Two-way voice communication with victim

  • Weather proof cargo transportation

  • Spot victims of a disaster during the day or night

  • Low operation cost

  • Fast deployment

  • Carbon fiber parts


  1. Natural Disaster Relief- The drone can provide service to the aftermath of large disasters such as: tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc

  2. Daily Disasters- There are disasters everyday and the drone can be used to help in the the following disasters: car crashes,  heart attacks, search and rescue, surveillance, and more.

  3. Water Based Disasters- The drone can provide service to water based disasters with the water landing capabilities. These disasters may include: ship wrecks, floods, search and rescue, and deliveries to sailors.

  4. Organ and Blood Transportation- With a refrigerated container, the drone can deliver blood or organs to a victim for an emergency transplant. 

  5. Developing Countries- Developing countries could also use the drone to transport medicine and other items between villages. 

  6. Military- The drone could transport ammunition or other supplies across a battlefield.